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Live Well 365 is not just an information portal. It’s a way of life. We are able to live well and be at our productive best only when we achieve mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance. It’s time to get informed, get inspired and get moving towards a new healthier life. This could be your first step in that direction.


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Microsoft’s health and wellness hub, Live Well 365, integrates health and fitness policies and wellbeing programs created especially for you. Maximize the health and insurance programs to make smarter choices for you and your family.

Flexible Benefit Plan

Flexible Benefit Plan

Microsoft’s Flexible Benefits Plan enables you to choose from 9 different insurance options to ensure that your family is protected and covered for all emergencies. FY16 Insurance Enrolment is now closed.

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Our latest newsletter has some very interesting topics for you to enjoy. Take a look at upcoming events like our Webinar on overcoming public speaking anxiety and trending topics in improving your overall health.

Share your story

Share your story

Revitalize the way you think, feel, move, eat, and live! Inspire and get inspired by seeing how fellow Microsofties have turned their lives around.


Microsoft CARES is a confidential counseling service where professionals help you develop coping skills to maintain the emotional balance in your life. We have tied up with, a pioneer and leader in the employee assistance program industry in India to bring you specialized counseling sessions.



Privately analyse the state of your physical and mental wellbeing, and your personal and professional skills



Interact with a qualified counsellor through a secure web-page. You could also take sessions face to face or on the telephone



Access reading material on self-development, family, wellness, work and parenting



Learn more about yourself and take better decisions



Sign into our forums to share your story with people in similar situations

Insurance benefits at Microsoft - Flexible Benefits Plan

Life/term cover, reimbursable benefits, medical insurance and personal accident cover

Life can be unpredictable and we know your needs change with time. That is why our Flexible Benefits Plan has been designed to provide you and your dependents with a comprehensive insurance cover around Medical, Personal Accident and Term/Life. We also have the Reimbursable Benefits (such as Fitness, Tuition Assistance and Child Care), which allow you to allocate a part of your Flex Points towards these in case you choose to top up any of the reimbursable benefits.

Microsoft’s Medical insurance policy is unique in many ways. First, it is a floater cover, which means that you have the flexibility to spend the entire amount on one person and there is no cap on the amount per person so long as it is within the overall coverage amount. Second, there is no cost sharing on actual expenses incurred (so long as it falls within the policy guidelines).

Enrollments open at the beginning of every fiscal year in June-July.

Changed your marital status or had a baby? Update your benefits now.

New Employee? Choose your benefits now - within 2 weeks of joining.

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Financial Wellness webinar

We’re overwhelmed with your response, it was a full house!

Thank you for attending the webinar on ‘Money Skills: Your Pay Slip and Tax Returns’ and making it a success!

Missed the webinar? No worries. One more session is coming your way.

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